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Dog owners continue to face challenges brought about by difficult economic times. For some, there are additional challenges posed by misinformation about and prejudice against certain breeds of dogs.

Pawsitive Impact Dog Rescue PEARs (Pet Education Assistance & Resources) is an initiative of PINC aimed at providing dog owners with resources that will allow them to keep their beloved pets rather than having to surrender them. This helps to preserve the human-canine bond while reducing the burden on shelters and rescues. 

The resources provided to PEARs clients will include, but are not limited to; veterinary assistance, training, pet food, and supplies.

All dogs that participate in the PEARs program must be spayed/neutered. If the dog is not already altered, we will assist the owner in securing affordable spay/neuter services.

For needs that go beyond those of the dog, we will help owners locate and navigate third-party social service agencies. 


Please help us to keep dogs with the families that they know and love! We are in need of donations to establish a medical fund and we need new and gently used crates and dog kennels!

If you need assistance or know someone who does and would like to discuss the PEAR's program email PINC at

Identify a Need.

We want to work with owners who have a financial need or need assistance finding resources for their dog. If you know of someone needing assistance please contact us at


Submit Request.

PINC will review each request that comes in for assistance and determine at what capacity we can help with each dog. PEAR is a donor run program and we can't always meet every need but we will work to alleviate the need of the owner as best we can.


Review Process.

If you are in need of financial assistance for vetting PINC may ask qualifying information to see at what level we can assist. We will never ask you private financial information but we may ask about income level and request verification. 

PINC receives an overwhelming amount of requests for assistance so we do prioritize the need of each family and their dog.

For more information on assistance or  how you can help PEARs, please e-mail


How Does it Work?

What is PEAR?

For more information on assistance or  how you can help PEARs, please e-mail!

Consider making a donation to PEARs!